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in or mm The SI base unit for length is the metre. 1 metre is equal to 39.370078740157 in, or 1000 mm. Note that rounding errors may occur, so always check the results. Use this page to learn how to convert between inches and millimetres. Type in your own numbers in the form to convert the units! ›› Quick conversion chart of in to mm. 1 in. Converting 3/8 inch to mm is a two-step process. First, we convert the fractional 3/8 inch to an inch as a decimal, and then we convert the inch as a decimal to millimeters as a decimal. To convert the fractional 3/8 inch to an inch as a decimal number, we simply divide the numerator by the denominator Omregningstabell tommer/mm Tomme MM 1/8 3,175 5/32 3,969 3/16 4,762 7/32 5,556 1/4 6,350 9/32 7,144 5/16 7,937 11/32 2 3/48,731 3/8 9,52 3/8 in 25.4 mm/in = 9.525 mm. 1 1. Amertat. 1 decade ago. 3/8 inches equals 0.9525CM....0.03125feet. 1 0. Michael (1UnDun8). A millimeter (mm) (mispeled millimeter) is a decimal fraction of the meter, the International System of Units (SI) unit of length, approximately equivalent to 39.37 inches. How to convert 3/8 inch to millimeter

Tommer til Millimeter (in til mm) konvertering kalkulator for Lengde konverteringer med ekstra tabeller og formler How to convert inches to millimeters. 1 inch is equal to 25.4 millimeters: 1″ = 25.4mm. The distance d in millimeters (mm) is equal to the distance d in inches (″) times 25.4:. d (mm) = d (″) × 25.4 . Example. Convert 20 inches to millimeters: d (mm) = 20″ × 25.4 = 508mm. Inches to millimeters conversion tabl 3.8 in til mm (3.8 tomme til millimeter) enhetskovertering. Konverter 3.8 Tomme til Millimeter med formel, felles lengder konvertering, konverteringstabeller og mer Sagkjede 3/8. Ekslusivt fra STIHL. Et lavvibrerende sagkjede med lav kasterisiko og er spesielt utviklet for lette og kompakte sager. 44 drivlenker

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  1. 3.8 in in mm (3.8 zoll in millimeter) Einheitenumrechner. Berechne 3.8 Zoll zu Millimeter mit Formeln, aktuellen Länge Umrechnungen, Umrechnungstabellen und mehr
  2. In March 1932 the American Standards Association were asked to rule on whether to adopt the same value (at the time the American inch was 1/.03937 mm which approximated to 25.400051 mm). Because the values were so close, and because Britain has already settled on that value, the ASA adopted this value on March 13, 1933
  3. 1 inch (in) = 25.4 millimeter (mm) 1 millimeter (mm) = 0.0393700787 inch (in) mm in . Lengths Units Converter; Fractional Inches to Decimal Inches and Metric Millimeters. The table below can be used to convert between fractional and/or decimal inches and metric millimeters. Inches to mm Conversion table in pdf forma
  4. 3.8″ (Inches, in) - English inch is a value for measuring lengths and distances, heights and widths and etc. One inch is equal to 25.4 millimeters. On this page we consider in detail all variants for convert 3.8 inches to millimeters and all opportunities how to convert inches with usage comprehensive examples, related charts and conversion tables for inches
  5. Sagkjede med lite vibrasjon for fritidsbruk. Robust, tåler belastning, lav kastrisiko och høy skjæreeffekt med ekstra smalt snitt. 44 drivlenker
  6. Learn how to convert from in to mm and what is the conversion factor as well as the conversion formula. 3.8 millimeters are equal to 96.52 inches

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3/8 - 1,3 mm. 30 cm - 48 DL/Ledd; 35 cm - 49 DL/Ledd; 35 cm - 52 DL/Ledd; 35 cm - 53 DL/Ledd; 40 cm - 59 DL/Ledd; De opplyste delene er originale deler. Alle priser er i Kr pluss moms. Det tas forbehold mot feil. Varer fås så lenge lageret rekker 110 x 3.8 x 3000 mm sort PP rø Wafix med muffe. Artikkel nr: 2215318 Lev.artikkelnr: 3061921 | Mer info. Logg inn for å se pris og saldo informasjon for hovedlager. Vis erstatningsartikkel. M. Legg til i handlekurven. Avrundet til hel forpakning. Den valgte artikkelen.

3/8 x 12 mm kombi-kopling . Artikkel nr: 5055823 Lev.artikkelnr: 53235107 | Mer info. Logg inn for å se pris og saldo informasjon for hovedlager. Vis erstatningsartikkel. Stk. Legg til i handlekurven. Avrundet til hel forpakning. Den valgte artikkelen har blitt erstattet. Lagerstatus. Inch to MM and MM to Inch converter available at Mtlexs, India's leading B2B online market place for buyers and sellers of Non Ferrous metals


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  1. Schedule 80 Pipe 3/8 Inch (DN10 mm) Standard : ANSI/ASME B36.10(Steel Pipe) - Size : NPS 3/8 Inch - Size : DN10 mm - Inside Dimeter(Pipe ID) : 10.7 mm - Outside Dimeter(Pip
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  3. 3.8 cm in mm. 3.8 centimeters to millimeters will also convert centimeters to other units such as inches, meters, kilometers, yards, miles and more. 3.4 cm to mm 3.5 cm to mm 3.6 cm to mm 3.7 cm to mm. Electrical Calculators Real Estate Calculators Accounting Calculators Business Calculators Construction Calculators Sports Calculator
  4. The millimetre (international spelling; SI unit symbol mm) or millimeter (American spelling) is a unit of length in the metric system, equal to one thousandth of a metre, which is the SI base unit of length. Therefore, there are one thousand millimetres in a metre. There are ten millimetres in a centimetre. One millimetre is equal to 1000 micrometres or 1 000 000 nanometres
  5. Solide ATV spacere som øker sporvidden med 32mm pr. side. Polaris ATV med 3/8 hjulbolter inkl. Sportsman 500/335 3/8 UNF Sett for 2 hjul (8 s..
  6. 3.8x5x3.8 inches to mm. What is 3.8 by 5 by 3.8 inches in millimeters? Convert 3.8 inches x 5 inches x 3.8 inches to millimeters
  7. What is 3.5 by 3.8 inches in millimeters? Convert 3.5 inches x 3.8 inches to millimeters. inches to mm conversion char

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  1. ant gauge on the Isle of Man, where it is known as the Manx Standard Gauge..
  2. 3/8 IN. J-Channel (9.525 mm) 3/8 IN. J-Channel (9.525 mm) 1611 3/8 IN. J-Channel (9.525 mm) Clear, White, Black. Availability: In stock. Price From: $4.08. Per 8' Stick ($0.51 /Ft.) *Please select your desired options in order to see quantity pricing Color * * Required Fields.
  3. Looking for OLFA 3 3/8 in x 9 mm Stainless Steel Snap-Off Blade; PK10 (5AY20)? Grainger's got your back. Price $9.40. Easy online ordering for the ones who get it done along with 24/7 customer service, free technical support & more
  4. 3/8-in. Drive 15mm Metric shallow Impact Socket is engineered and constructed to endure high torque application with impact wrenches. This impact socket is specially designed to engage with the flats of fasteners to prevent rounding so it's time to turn up the torque and turn tough jobs into easy ones

{ 1: 3\\/8\\ piper med firkantinnfesting, metrisk sekskant og h\\u00f8yglanspolert overflate 15-piece set 3/8 in. drive shallow impact sockets: 8 mm, 9 mm, 10 mm, 11 mm, 12 mm, 13 mm, 14 mm, 15 mm, 16 mm, 17 mm, 18 mm, 19 mm, 20 mm, 21 mm, 22 mm Product Overview The Capri Tools 3/8 in. Drive Shallow Impact Socket Set is a collection of most frequently used 3/8 in. drive shallow impact sockets in metric sizes 3/8 in. Drive 13 mm Knurl Grip Universal Socket Husky Knurl Grip Universal Sockets feature Husky Knurl Grip Universal Sockets feature a knurled ring around the base of the socket providing added grip when using the socket without a drive tool. Sockets also have a tapered base (sizes 9/16 in. - 3/4 in.) making sockets easier to grip when removing them from a drive tool EKWaterBlocks Shop offers you complete assortiment for water-cooling of your PC. Only EK and EK confirmed quality products

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  1. 3/8-in. Drive 10mm Metric Deep Impact Socket is engineered and constructed to endure high torque application with impact wrenches. This impact socket is specially designed to engage with the flats of fasteners to prevent rounding so it's time to turn up the torque and turn tough jobs into easy ones
  2. 1,3 mm: Drivlenker: 52 st: Deling: 3/8 Sverdlengde: 14/36 cm: Dokument. Produktblad (1777 kB - pdf) Kundevurderinger Produktinfo Tilbehør Rundfiler 3-pk. 99,90. Lignende produkter Sagkjede Hobby Xtraguard 91VG 10 199,- Sagsverd + sagkjeder Single Rivet / Advance.
  3. 16 inch strand of purplish red smooth rondelle ruby beads. 70 carats, 3.8 mm rubies, center drille
  4. 3/8 in. x 17 mm Bushings. SKU: 8070666. All 17 mm bore idler sprockets can easily be changed to 5/8, 1/2 or 3/8 in. bore by using a pair of bushings listed $3.99 In-Store. Online. In-Stock. 692630482. Estimate Shipping. Please enter your postal/zip code:.
  5. ium * Dobbeltinngrep med 6 utsparinger for aktuelle 1,8/2,0L 4-sylindersmodeller, f.eks. Corolla, Matrix, Prius, Premio, RAV4, Lexus CT200h, Scion, Camry, Avalon *Oljefilternøkkel nr. 28, 14 flater / innvendig Ø 64,5 mm, 3/8 + NV27 mm / alu

3/8 IN. U-Channel (9.525 mm) 3/8 IN. U-Channel (9.525 mm) 1501 3/8 IN. U-Channel (9.525 mm) Clear, White, Black. Availability: In stock. Price From: $3.36. Per 8' Stick ($0.42 /Ft.) *Please select your desired options in order to see quantity pricing Color * * Required Fields. 3/8 P Picco Micro Mini 3 (PMM3), 1,1 mm, 55 drivlenker. Huskeliste og sammenlign 3/8 P Picco Micro Mini 3 (PMM3), 1,1 mm, 40 cm. Huskeliste og sammenlign Avvik i sortimentet kan forekomme sammenlignet med andre land. Vi forbeholder oss retten til endringer i den. 16 3/8 in (416 mm) Center-to-Center Chrome Contemporary Cabinet Pull Sleek and stylish, this streamlined pull with rounded feet will add a touch of subtle sophistication to furniture and cabinetry. Mounting Hardware is included for an easy installation. Please note that the screws included with the products are a standard size of 1-inch (25 mm) length, quadrex, pan head

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DOUBLE SPLINED 540 PTO SHAFT 300MMPRODUCT DETAILS:Profile13/8 Z6L mm300.0A mm140.0Diameter mm35. According to the modern definition, one inch is equal to 25.4 mm exactly. How to convert 8.5 millimeters to inches To calculate a value in millimeters to the corresponding value in inches, just multiply the quantity in millimeters by 0.039370078740157 (the conversion factor) Shop Richelieu 11-3/8 in (288 mm) Center-to-Center Gabiano Bronze Contemporary Cabinet Pull in the Drawer Pulls department at Lowe's.com. This arched pull is perfect for refrigerators, pantry doors, wide drawers or tall doors

3/8P Picco Super 3 (PS3), 1,3 mm, 66 drivlenker. Huskeliste og sammenlign Avvik i sortimentet kan forekomme sammenlignet med andre land. Vi forbeholder oss retten til endringer i den tekniske spesifikasjonen, pris og tilbehør Tekniske data. Tekniske data. Tekniske data Value. Kjede Stihl ripping 3/8 1,3 mm 20 71 drivlenker. Stihl ripping kjede for 20 Cannon CHN sverd med 71 drivlenker fra . 3/8 ( 0,370 ) gjennomsnittelig nagleavstand) 1,3 mm drivlenketykkelse. Dette er det beste valget for små rippingkjeder. Noen sagbruk brukte 0,325 ripping før, men de lages ikke lenger Features and Benefits:Forged from the finest chrome molybdenum alloy steelRadius corner designDesign drives the side of the fastener instead of the cornerBlack oxide finishThis is an impact socket. It is 18 mm and 6 point. It is a 3/8 in. drive

kjede 3/8 - 56 led 1,1 mm - nr. 380 Reservedeler for motorsag av høyeste kvalitet . AL-KO står for banebrytende teknologi og høy presisjon i hagearbeidet Pilot Parallel Pen, håndlaget kalligrafipenn, ikke vannfast. Spissen består av to parallelle blader som gir knivskarpe linjer. Det går fint skrive med to farger samtidig og skape effektfulle sjatteringer. Da kreves det imidlertid to penner (Parallel Pen), for å overføre farge fra en spiss til en annen. Leveres i sett med rengjøringsverktøy og to fargepatroner (rød og sort) Thermowell 3/8, 85 mm lengde6,5mm indre åpning. Monteres i 17mm hull.Ideell for nøyaktig avlesning av temperatur i bryggekjele, gjæringstank og lignende.Se termometer tilpasset for thermowell lenger nede under anbefalt tilbehør.Laget av rustfritt stål This 3/8 in. drive deep socket has high visibility markings for quick and easy size selection. Made of rugged chrome vanadium to withstand everyday use. Triple chrome plated for added durability. The ANSI certified socket is designed with 6 points for a tight grip on fasteners

BD Microlance kanyle 26G X 3/8 Brun (0,45 x 10mm) Unik slipvinkel og poleringsmetode gir mindre ubehag for pasient og midre risiko for utstansing ved injeksjon med BD Microlance kanyler. Transparant kobling med fargekode for rask og sikker kontroll av innhold. Kanyler med tynn vegg for optimal flow Holdbarhet: 5 år. CE merket iht Her er du nå: Hjem > Jernvare > Jernvarer > Strekkfisk > Galvanisert/forsinket > Strekkfisk galv m/GFL 3/8 10mm Strekkfisk galv m/GFL 3/8 10mm Varenr: 333107 703499333107 273,00 kr Maskintilbehør, Tilbehør til borhammere, Bosch systemchuck, Bosch systemborechuck for boreskrutrekkere, D= 1-10 mm, A= 3/8-24. Rask leverin

62,00 kr Boring, Steinbor, Steinbor CYL-1, Steinbor CYL-1, 4,5 x 50 x 85 mm, d 3,8 mm. Rask leverin Pipenøkkelsett 1/4-3/8-1/2, 158 deler. Kjøp & Hent - Kjøp på nett og hent i varehuset innen 2 timer. Biltema Appen - 19 000 produkter rett i lomma! Mitt Biltema - Digitale kvitteringer, ekstra rabatter og mye mer! Meny. Adapter 1/2F x 3/8M (enveis) 9 bits 30 mm

TA FPL Tippunion 15 mm x 3/8, forkrommet. 42,- Veil.pris 70,-8 på lager. Velg. 40%. TA FPL skjøteunion 8 - 22 mm, forkrommet. Fra 41 15 på lager. Kjøp. 42%. TA FPL T-rør med 3 koblinger 15 mm, forkrommet. 103,- Veil.pris 179,-4 på lager. Kjøp. 40%. TA FPL Tippunion 15 mm x 1/2, forkrommet. 42,- Veil.pris 70,-9 på lager. Kjøp. 39%. This is a very easy to use inches to millimeter converter.First of all just type the inches (in) value in the text field of the conversion form to start converting in to mm, then select the decimals value and finally hit convert button if auto calculation didn't work.Millimeter value will be converted automatically as you type.. The decimals value is the number of digits to be calculated or. 3/8 9.5250 mm: 2-1/2 63.5000 mm: 25/64 9.9219 mm: 2-9/16 65.0875 mm: 13/32 10.3188 mm: 2-5/8 66.6750 mm: 27/64 10.7156 mm: 2-11/16 68.2625 mm: 7/16 11.1125 mm: 2-3/4 68.8500 mm: 29/64 11.5094 mm: 2-7/8 73.0250 mm: 15/32 11.9063 mm: 3 76.2000 mm: 31/64 12.3031 mm: 3-1/64 76.5969 mm: 1/2 12.7000 mm: 3-1/32 76.9938 mm: 33/64 13. 114 mm x 263 mm 4 1/2 in x 10 3/8 in No. 12 120 mm x 279 mm 4 3/4 in x 11 in No. 14 127 mm x 292 mm 5 in x 11 1/2 in Commercial envelopes are standard-sized envelopes that are used daily for regular mail. Catalog Envelope. Adapter for høyttrykk, som passer til høyttrykksregulator 601597. 3/8'' gjenger til 10mm slangestus

This is Husky's most complete selection of 3/8 in. The industrial grade black oxide finish provides added durability and prevents corrosion. 6-point standard and deep length impact sockets. 3/8 in. Drive SAE MM Impact Set 44 Piece NEW FREE SHIPPING USA | eBa Vinyl Tile Edge - Bone - 3/8 in. (10 mm) x 8 ft. Rigid vinyl edging that provides a finishing touch to ceramic wall tile edges. Pre-punched for easy setting into adhesive. Use tile edge for use around bathtubs, windows, back splashes No. 8 stopper, 9.5 mm (3/8 in.) hole, silicone Accessories for filter holders for sample preparation. - Find MSDS or SDS, a COA, data sheets and more information 3/8 bitsadapter for 10 mm bits Passer 3/8 4-kt. innfestning på skraller osv. Klikk for større bilde. Art.nr 071512 02 060 1 . LOGG INN FOR Å HANDLE. Eller registrer deg hvis du ikke er e-handelskunde. Produktbeskrivelse . Med utvendig spennring og kule som holder bitset; Dokumenter.

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1908-96/128 2-in-1 Cabinet Arch Pull, 3.8 inch / 96 mm, 5 inch / 128 mm 1905-96 Round Foot Cabinet Arch Pull, 3.8 inch / 96 mm 1901-96 Slim Cabinet Bow Pull, 3.8 inch / 96 mm On a monthly comparison basis, Bosnia's industrial production increased by 3.8% in September, after edging down by 1.6% in August, the statistical office said in a statement, citing preliminary seasonally-adjusted figures. The country's industrial output dropped by 8.2% on the year in the first nine months of 2020

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Para que obtengas las conversiones que quieras, la pulgada vale 25.4 mm, 3/8 por consecuencia son 0.375, eso lo multiplicas por 25.4 y te da 9.525 mm, en la práctica, por ejemplo para placas de acero es mas común redondear las dimensiones a milímetros cerrados, es decir la placa de 3/16 se le conoce como de 5 mm, la de 1/4 de 6, la de 5/16 de 8 la de 3/8 de 10, la de 1/2 de 13, la de. vidaXL Gjerdetråd 250 m 2,3/3,8 mm stål antrasitt hos vidaXL Gratis frakt Stort utvalg Bestill i da What is 3.8 cm in mm? There are ten mm in a cm. The answer would be 38 millimeters. How many millimeters is 38 cm? 10 millimeters equals one centimenter, so therefore 38 cm = 380 mm Kjøp Slangeklemme 3/8 11-16mm a2 mft på MAXBO.no. Kjøp på nett eller i butikk, og få levert hjem eller hent i butikk. Raskt og enkelt pipesett for slitte og skadde muttere/bolter kraft mm 3/8 6190, polar. lÅsesett 3/8 6038 sr, polar. krÅkefotnØkkel 3/8 257, usa

Juncus canadensis (Canada Rush): Minnesota WildflowersNPG D48124; King Henry V - Portrait - National PortraitPhalaenopsis Orchid roots | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

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Tomme (av norrønt þumal) er et urgammelt lengdemål, som i dag tilsvarer 25,4 mm i metersystemet.Tommen har imidlertid variert i både tid og sted over store deler av verden. Angis med doble anførselstegn etter tallet (15 tommer = 15) Next, let's look at an example showing the work and calculations that are involved in converting from inches to millimeters (in to mm). Inches to Millimeter Conversion Example Task: Convert 24 inches to millimeters (show work) Formula: in x 25.4 = mm Calculations: 24 in x 25.4 = 609.6 mm Result: 24 inches is equal to 609.6 mm Das Whitworth-Gewinde, auch als Zoll-Gewinde bezeichnet, ist nach Sir Joseph Whitworth benannt, der es 1841 einführte. Es wurde das erste genormte Gewinde der Welt. In Deutschland war dieses Gewinde lange Zeit als DIN 11 und DIN 12 genormt. Es wird heute noch als British Standard Whitworth (BSW) und British Standard Fine (BSF) in Großbritannien und als British standard pipe thread (BSP. 3/8 in, 10 mm, 7/16 in Stem Caster Accessories. 1 product. Stem caster accessories are used to install and remove grip-neck stem casters and friction-ring stem casters from furniture and equipment. They include sockets and brackets that are designed to mate with the stems on the casters to hold them in place

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Get the best deals on 3/8 in (10 mm) Pipe/Tube Pipe Benders. Shop with Afterpay on eligible items. Free delivery and returns on eBay Plus items for Plus members. Shop today Get the best deals on 3/8 in (9.53 mm) Diameter Pipe Nipples when you shop the largest online selection at eBay.com. Free shipping on many items | Browse your favorite brands | affordable prices

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Denne nettsiden bruker informasjonskapsler for å lagre hvilke produkter du har lagt til din handlekurv. Ved å fortsette uten å endre innstillingene i nettleseren din, forutsetter vi at du tillater å motta informasjonskapsler 08 Schiene 35 cm 3/8'' 1,3 mm - Führungsschiene Hobby mit Umlenkstern. ∙ Langlebige, laminierte Führungsschiene für den Einsatz im Hobby-Bereich. ∙ Gehärtete Führungen und ein robuster Umlenkstern ma More Deals & Coupons Like CRAFTSMAN 9-Piece MM Impact Socket Set, 3/8-Inch Drive .05 3 Nov, 9:05 pm Milwaukee 3/8 in. Drive SAE Shockwave Deep Well Impact Socket Set (8-Piece)-49-66-441 1. Lenox 30222 22CT Carbide Tip Hole Saw 22CT 1 3 8 In 35 mm. Merchant: Ebay.com Last Price: $916.11. Now Only: $819. Save About: $97.11. Check Online with Ebay.co Bantam Muffler - Zink/Rustfri - Type: B3

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Bantam Muffler - Helt Rustfri - Type: B3 Spar 7% i den billigste butikken. Maskinspiker 21grader 38/120 vgrcc mft varmforsinket ringet cement coating 1500stykk finner du hos Bygger'n og Maxbo Standard lengde DIN338 HSSCo for boring i stål og støpejern kan også brukes som allround bor, men ikke optimalt i alle materialer. Spissvinkel 118

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⚾ Allison Value 1 3 8 short description. Before delving into a big painting project preview the color with the BEHR ULTRA 8 oz Sample Formulated with both paint and primer this sample allows you to conveniently apply paint to interior or exterior surfaces and accurately Allison Value 1 3 8 in 35 mm Length Flat Black Cabinet Knob the beautiful paint color on an actual surface under different. Sågsvärd 12 - 3/8 - 1,3 mm - 40 DL, Sågsvärd 12 - 3/8 - 1,3 mm - 44 DL, Sågsvärd 12 - 3/8 - 1,3 mm - 44 DL, Sågsvärd 12 - 3/8 - 1,3 mm - 44 DL (Stihl Color band denotes SAE/Metric measurement for easy identification. Sockets have textured band for greater gripping power. 6-point versions offer more surface area making them less likely to slip off or round over corners, while 12-point versions provide more contact points making them easier to fit onto bolts. Chrome vanadium steel. Lifetime warranty. | 16 Mm Motorsågskedja med 3/8˝ mini-delning, 1,3 mm (0,050˝) bredd och 50 drivlänkar. Passar motorsågar med 35 cm (14˝) svärd och motorvolymer upp till 40 cc. N1C har reducerad kastrisk och vibration, och passar perfekt för konsumentbruk 3/8 Diameter [mm] 10.7 Strength [daN, ~kg] 3850 Safe working load [daN, ~kg] 1155 Weight [g/m] 82 Elongation [%] 0.9 List of the comments: No comments have been posted yet. First name. Comment. Captcha: Send a comment. For this product we recommend. Thimble: 10 mm,.

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Leca-murske 3-8 mm irto sopii mm. kasvualustoihin, hiekoitukseen, harkkojen runkoaineeksi ja kattokallistusten tekoon. Tutustu tuotteeseen 3.8 inch / 96 mm. Sort by. Filters. UZP01-96 Square D Cabinet Pull, 3.8 inch / 96 mm. 1915-96 Round Bar D Cabinet Handle, 3.8 inch / 96 mm. This Duotight Bulkhead is the same one used for installing the Temp Twister cooling coil into the lid of the FermZilla. Allows you to add a bulkhead to just about anything that can then be connected to with EVABarrier 9.5 mm OD Tubing or 3/8 OD stainless or copper tubing.Duotight fittings are high-quality push-in fittings that seal tight and offer superior sealing capacity due to the double O. Shop CRAFTSMAN 11 pc. 3/8 In. DR MM 6PT at Lowe's Canada online store. Find Sockets & Sets at lowest price guarantee

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3/8 P Picco Micro 3 (PM3), 1,1 mm, kedjerulle. 5.558,00* Lägg till på komihåglistan Samtliga priser är rekommenderade priser från tillverkaren i svenska kronor inklusive moms. Vi förbehåller oss rätten till ändringar i den. Periostavløser Mikro Arbedisdeler: 3,8 / 3,0 mm Lengde: 17,5 cm Produsent: Aesculap. Mikro kirurgisk raspatorium 3,8 mm+3,0 mm. Artikkelnr. PE1900 Prod. art.nr. DB407

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Makita BGD800Z rettsliper 3 - 8 mm 18V Li-ion SOLO (uten batteri og lader) - • Lang type. • Solid aluminiumsramme. • Ventlier utformet slik at utblås går bort fra brukeren. • Smalt motorhus gir godt grep på maskinen. Kapasitet: Spennhylse: 3-8mm Maks slipeskive: 38mm Turtall (rpm): 25000 Dimensjoner (LxBxH): 400x79x118mm Vekt: 2,0kg Spenning: 18 The Amerock BP19015ORB Bar Pulls 16-3/8 in (416 mm) Center-to-Center Pull is finished in Oil-Rubbed Bronze. Modern functionality meets straightforward styling. Simple. Bold. True. The sleek and sophisticated design of the Bar Pulls Collection makes a statement with clean lines and smooth textures

Amerock Decorative Cabinet Hardware, Functional Hardware, & Bath Accessories Every Amerock functional hardware series item is tested for durability in conditions exceeding all KCMA certification requirements and BHMS standards for cycle life, strength and finish quality. The Amerock CM7128ORB 3/8 in (10 mm) Inset Hinge is finished in Oil-Rubbed Bronze Stihl sagkjede 3/8 PICCO MINI 1,1 mm (44 ledd) - Picco Micro Mini Comfort 3 (PMMC3), 3/8 - Antall ledd: 44 Comfortkjede med lave vibrasjoner og en lav kastrisiko. Lavvibrerende kjede fra STIHL. For brukere som setter pris på høy komfort og en lav kastrisiko kombinert med høy skjære-effekt. Lavprofilkjedet er spesialtilpasset for lette motorsager Compatible with EVABarrier 9.5 mm OD tubing . This Duotight fitting with 5/8 FPT is perfect for connecting gas line to keg couplers. Although it could be used with 9.5 mm EVA Barrier as a beverage line, this would only be recommended for long draw systems where the beverage line will be 20-25 ft long halvkobling 3/8 x 10 mm >> Ta en titt på vår kampanje her . Fra 99,-Velg butikk for å se prisen i ditt varehus Produktinfo; Benyttes til å koble Ballofix kuleventil med kobberrør. Krever flat pakningsflate. Til glødde kobberrør må støttehylse benyttes. Artikkelnr. 5686098

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